about Precision Drum Scanning

Correct ICC colour management offers real benefits for everyone,
quite apart from being a very cost effective tool.

All our equipment is individually profiled in-house to ensure the
maximum retention of colour and smoothness of tonal information.
This procedure helps us to achieve extremely accurate scans that
maintain their colour integrity when used within a properly set up
and maintained ICC digital workflow.

Take a look at the picture of a corner of the editing room at PDS.
All the surroundings are colourless except for the colour grey. This
makes colour decisions without any colour bias possible.

The industry standard 5000 Kelvin viewing booth on the left holds
a colour print made from a colour negative that the resultant scan
is being matched to.   The monitor has been calibrated and profiled
to display colour accurately, so all the work can be done with total

With the room lighting, the working environment, the viewing booth,
the editing software and the graphics quality monitors all meeting
proper colour management standards, this results in what we can
confidently call correct colour.

The above is a good ICC colour workflow in action. No just hoping
that the colour is right.....it really is right!

Please feel free to phone or e-mail us to discuss your project or just
to ask for advice.

preparing Heidelberg Primescan for drum scanning

A corner of the PDS editing studio.

best viewed on a 17" plus monitor
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