Scanning negatives and transparencies

Here at PDS we go to great lengths to ensure that every scan fully
meets our client’s most critical requirements. We work with every
make, type and size of negative and colour transparency material.

If your film has been shot under challenging conditions and needs
the removal of a colour cast, or if there is an exposure problem we
will do our utmost to rescue the situation for you.

If you need scans from colour negatives that match a traditional
hand manipulated print that’s not a problem. It is far better than
scanning prints, as there is much more information and sharpness
of detail available from a negative. With colour transparencies we
aim to match the film. All scans are made in 16bit without USM.

Every sheet or frame of film we receive for scanning is first closely
inspected. If for example it’s showing bad wear and tear we can
re-wash and re-stabilise it here for you. All film is carefully wiped
over with film cleaner to ensure it is as clean as possible before
being blown off with filtered anti-static compressed air.

Next we fluid mount the film under a thin Mylar cover sheet using
a safe specially designed liquid possessing superior optical qualities.
This cover sheet is then securely fastened to the drum with tape.

Once ready, the drum is locked into the scanner and pre-scans are
made prior to setting the scan parameters, in accordance with all
your requirements, such as size and resolution. Colour and tonality
are amongst the many things adjusted before the scanner is set to
scan. It may be a surprise to learn that some scans can take over
an hour for the actual scanning operation.

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colour transparencies in Heidelberg Primescan for drum scanning Placing a drum loaded with colour transparencies into one of our Heidelberg PrimeScan drum scanners.

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