fine art prints from digital files

To produce superb fine art prints requires considerably more than
just the purchase of a printer and calling yourself a giclée printer....
as many have found to their cost, and sadly to the cost and the
frustration of their clients!

Actually the word giclée has become a rather devalued term, used
for any print made using long life inks on papers with attractive
sounding names ….. but meaningless so we avoid using the word!

Top quality fine art prints are only possible from top quality specially
prepared digital files. There are no short cuts possible if excellence
is your aim. You will have seen our copying facilities earlier. But if
printing is to be from film it will pay you to ask us to make proper
drum scans using our Heidelberg PrimeScan scanners.

Making fine art prints that are a truly faithful match of an artist’s
work cannot be done on the cheap.   Apart from having the right
equipment, considerable skill, experience and a great deal of care
is needed at every stage to get each element absolutely right,
and cannot be rushed.

Special masking and colour blending is often needed to deal with
difficult colours and tones, so that the final prints are a true and
faithful reproduction of the original in every way that is technically
possible. This work is usually known as mastering.

Our prints are made on a choice of superb 100% acid free, neutral
pH heavy weight handmade papers and canvases, meeting or
exceeding the standards set by The Fine Art Trade Guild.™ Only
archival quality wide gamut inks are used for our fine art printing.

We welcome all your questions and are always more than happy
to devote the time to talk over your project large or small in
whatever depth you have only to ask us!

producing accurate printing profiles

Accurate printing profiles are essential when making top quality fine art prints. We do this profile making work in-house so that we have total control of every part of the print making process and know it has been done correctly.

We are able to ensure that prints ordered in the future will match any prints made by us previously.   This is done by the regular calibration of the printer, by the measurement of the colours in your prints and by a visual check under controlled spectrally correct lighting conditions.

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