large format digital copying of artwork

Our specialist, large format digital copying facilities allow us
to produce results far surpassing those obtainable with even
10”x8” colour transparency film.   Our copies retain the clarity,
and all the subtle variations of colour, and tone of the originals,
with an accuracy simply not achievable in any other way.

Artworks may be paintings on canvas, watercolours on board or
paper and even tissue paper and tapestries.   There are almost
no size limitations, as you will see on the next page.

For artwork requiring back lighting, the size limit is 1.8 metres.
With thin or delicate originals especially if creased, our specially
made five feet wide vacuum easel with its adjustable strength
suction is essential, ensuring absolute flatness without damage.

The clarity of detail we achieve, even at extreme magnifications
is outstanding. Having a record of this quality is the best possible
‘insurance policy’ should disaster strike. It also provides the ideal
reference when proceeding with an important restoration project.

Whilst much of this copying work is done in our specially equipped
studio, where we have access to all of our facilities, we can work
on client’s premises when necessary.

Our digital images are supplied on gold archival grade DVDs and
we can re-purpose them for every requirement that you may have.

Perhaps you cannot display your originals and need a copy that
matches or want limited edition prints for sale. Please see the fine
art print page for more information.

We look forward to hearing from you and discussing in depth your
particular needs.

Please click here to view a 7.3 metre long tapestry we copied.

preparing Heidelberg Primescan for drum scanning

Photography in progress in the studio of a large oil painting for an important launch in the USA by the UK artist Patrick Killian.

With watercolours etc., if suitable, we like to scan these on our Heidelberg PrimeScan drum scanners for the ultimate in picture sharpness. Our scanner drums can accommodate pictures of 62x49cms. in size.

best viewed on a 17" plus monitor
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